Launch blog

We name this ship …………


Rory and I are delighted to have launched our new company, Borders Employment Law. For the first time ever, local employers have access to a specialist service that is dedicated to law in the workplace, right here in the Borders.

Borders Employment Law is the sister company of our full service legal firm Bannerman Burke and as the name would suggest, this is the only local firm to offer employers this specialist legal service in the area.

If you employ staff, you will know that employment law is a complex area and can be a minefield to keep up with. This is a highly regulated and ever changing environment and it can be all too easy to find ourselves with a problem simply through being busy and not being aware of an issue until it arises. But by working with you, we can usually avoid these situations even happening in the first place by making sure that everything is in order and up to date, that contracts and policies are compliant with changes in the law and if issues do arise, we have the expertise to deal with them effectively and efficiently for you.

By getting the right advice, you have the reassurance that you are treating your employees fairly and properly at all times, safe in the knowledge that we will act in the best interests of your company whilst making sure you meet your legal obligations as an employer too.

Not only do we bring our specialist legal service to employers here in the Borders, our clients also benefit from the full support and expertise of the national United Employment Lawyers group. As the Borders representative in this collaborative network of lawyers across Scotland, we can rightly claim that we are the employment law specialists in this part of the country.

And because we design bespoke Employment Law Packages for each individual client, you benefit from the support and advice that’s right for you and your company. Not only that, we are able to bring you the finest employment law advice and representation but at a price that is realistic and affordable to businesses of all sizes. Even though our service is specialist, that doesn’t mean that you have to worry about the expensive hourly billing rates of big city firms, instead you can benefit from the highest standards of service and advice but in sensibly priced packages. By investing in expert advice up front like this, you have the reassurance that everything is in order and that it will also save you a considerable amount of time and money in the future.

Because we recognise that every business and situation is unique, we don’t deal in off the peg solutions, instead we offer a flexible service that is tailored to all businesses and industries.

No matter what type and size of business you have, we offer expert advice that is designed specifically around your individual needs.  As well as that we are more than happy to bring this bespoke legal service direct to your workplace, at a time that suits you and at a cost that is easily affordable.

We are proud to bring our unique and specialist service to local employers.